Goals of Colemumba

Colemumba will develop with the people who join it. It is a platform for everybody to integrate its individual ideas, creativity and competencies in order to make a contribution to today’s society. This will foster an exchange on different levels and may be the beginning of interesting and promising projects.

Moreover, Colemumba supports the collaboration of Germany and Guinea-Bissau. While Guinea-Bissau is one of the poorest countries worldwide struggling for access to basic services, Germany has to cope with a rather immaterial kind of poverty. Colemumba aims at initiating an exchange between both countries in order to raise awareness for each other’s way of life and stimulate a give-and-take between the two nations.


In Guinea Bissau the association pursues the following goals:

  • Assuring primary heath care (e.g. desinfection, gloves, linen)
  • Providing access to basic services through education (e.g. water treatment, agriculture)
  • Support of young women
  • Initiating cross-cultural projects to foster intercultural understanding
  • Maintaining and enhancing historical heritage
  • Support of schools (e.g. notebooks, pencils, drawing material)

The support of Germany includes:

  • Fostering exchange and creating a sense of community   
  • Internalisation of ethical values  
  • Tolerance
  • Stimulating creativity and developing individual potentials 
  • Raising awareness for environmental issues and fostering a sustainable way of life